SXSW: Paleo Style

Hi All,
I just returned from my trip to Austin, Texas and while a few thousand rock bands were playing background music at the SXSW music festival I was hunkered down for 3 days of the conference.
Presenting on three mastermind panels I spoke about hormone balancing, lab testing and the like. My featured talk was on “Mind Mapping” the new science of amino acid therapies for brain related disorders.
I met some incredible people, too many to mention, including (in the order in which I met them!) Angelo Coppola from, Jack Kruze, MD, Joe Johnson, and Melissa and Dallas Hartwig of
This is the most solid group of people I can imagine, focused on changing our lives through eating better food. Regardless of your age or type, height, religion, or who you might be voting for in the upcoming presidential election, you can all go Paleo and not look back. Think of it as gluten free Plus.
And, if you want to lose weight, but haven’t taken a cold shower in a while, then check out Dr. Kruze’s blog ( and apply his cold therapy ideas. I’ve lost two pounds of body fat in one week without changing anything else but using cold therapy, don’t worry you’ll get to like it after a bit…
Dr. Dan

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