August 30, 2012

My mom is 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 Portuguese and my father was an Eastern European Jew, so I was actually born a Buddhist, Catholic, Jew, if you can believe that. Anyhow, while visiting the Big Island of Hawaii my Auntie (from the Japanese side) showed me the oddly shaped fruit growing in front of the house. It’s a noni plant. It’s one of the key components in many of the herbal programs I design for patients. It was fascinating to find out that my 82-year-old Auntie knows more about what I do than I do!

Also, you can note the donkey/tiger photo.

Yes the donkey is real, but the tiger is a large metal replica of the real deal since they don’t really have tigers in Hawaii. Again, another of my Auntie’s (on the Portuguese side) has an organic farm populated by large numbers of animals on the slopes of the volcano over looking Honoka’a on the Big Island. That donkey is not a nice donkey. While we were visiting, it went after one of the rabits and it took two sheep herding dogs to do the rescue.

What I was reminded of while visiting Hawaii…Eat real food. Get outside every day, in the sunshine, and be active for at least 90 minutes a day, minimum, and you’ll be like my relatives; fit, spry, and smiling and laughing well into your 90’s. Don’t eat processed food. Don’t spend all your time indoors, inactive. And don’t isolate from your community. It’s that simple.

Also, by the way, I’m not planning on working that much longer. So if you’re interested in a training program or becoming a patient, don’t wait, otherwise you’ll have to fly to Hawaii to see me on the Big Island on my farm!

Check out the graveyard, those are my great great grandparents, buried in the front yard of my other (93 year old) Aunties house, right on the coast of the most beautiful land you can imagine.


Dr. Dan


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