August 21, 2012

I’m in Hawaii this week visiting my family on the big island. My one uncle, Mike, owns a 550-acre organic farm and ranch that stretches seven miles from the ocean to the mountains and we spent the entire day motoring around on Jeeps. Quite an experience. He grows many, many things. In the picture you’ll see one of the 20 or so heirloom variety of papaya, he has 52 different types of bananas growing including the variety used by the ancient Hawaiians, and even four different varieties of passion fruit, none of which have ever been sold commercially. They are literally the picture of anti-oxidants, brimming with nutrients most people suffer without.

My Auntie Aiyako brings us endless special island dishes every day, fresh bamboo shoots, fresh caught fish, every vegetable and fruit that the tropics have to offer. Her husband is 84 years old and you’d mistake him for a man in his early 50’s. In contrasts to what I am used to seeing with my patients – years of bad food, inactivity, and spending one’s life indoors, at a desk, in front of a screen – this good quality food, fresh air, sunlight and lifetimes of rewarding hard work really do create healthy and vibrant people.


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