April 23, 2012

Here is Sean’s announcement, should be a good one!


TONIGHT, fellow brainiac Dr. Daniel
Kalish returns to UW Radio to discuss
Mind Mapping: The New Science of 
Balancing the Brain. Topics will include:
* How a natural Mind Mapping approach
differs from the pharmaceutical model.
* If it is possible to heal the brain like a
broken bone.
* Alternatives to antidepressants and
ADHD medications.
* How this new brain science impacts
weight loss.
* How Mind Mapping can help with food
and alcohol cravings.
I’m calling my shot! This show is guaranteed
That’s TONIGHT at 5pm PT/8pm ET.
Listen LIVE by internet HERE

I spent Saturday this week at Melissa and Dallas Hartwig’s nutrition seminar, one of the best classes I have attended on nutrition – ever. They both teach in masterful ways, entertaining, funny and yet completely science and research based, not an easy feat to accomplish. Their materials are better and more up to date than any nutrition course I have attended and I highly recommend their work. Please check out their website and pre-order their new book which will be released very soon so you can update your understanding of food and nutrition and take one more step towards improving your health.


Whole9Life: http://whole9life.com/about-us/


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