April 2, 2012

Hi All –

OK, get this, last week I was wandering around Chicago on the most spectacular day you can imagine (see photo below), recovering from an intense brain seminar I just attended, and I wander into the world famous Field Museum. The very first exhibit I walk into I’m confronted with a big plaque, “You were built to be a hunter gatherer” (photo) Wow! Must be true it’s the Field friggin museum!

Then in the next room it gets even better, right out of a Michael Pollan book, the anthropology writer continues to wax poetic about early tribes from a few thousand years ago, “Corn diets and close quarters created health problems.”  Of course they are talking about the dawn of the Americas, when grains were being grown for the very first time, but can you believe it? Now we’ve reinvented the same problem with corn syrup, and overcrowding in large buildings – to a degree which our native ancestors could not have possibly comprehended when they were all crammed into a hut eating a corn tortillas.

Anyhow, there’s nothing new under the sun, just repeating the same old cycles. The move to agriculture was bad enough, but the move to processed food was literally cultural suicide.

Eat some meat or go workout really hard.

Talk to you soon!

-Dr. Dan


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