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Even if you have previous labs completed in order to become a new patient with Daniel Kalish, a new patient consultation is required.  At that session, the new patient coordinator will determine if new labs are required.  Daniel Kalish does not do any interpretations on blood work.

Depending on the type of test, the samples required are saliva, urine or stool. All tests are completed by the client through easy test kits that are self-administered in the comfort of your own home. No blood tests will be interpreted.

Initial new patient consultations are 45 minutes.
Follow up lab result consultations can be scheduled for 30 min. (if you have 1 tests), 45 min. (if you have 2 tests), or 1 hour (if you have 3-4 tests). ION Panels require a 1 hour consultation (no exceptions).
Existing client follow up consultations can be scheduled for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Daniel Kalish recommends supplements from high quality and reputable manufacturers that can only be purchased with a practitioner’s recommendation. The Wellness plan that Daniel Kalish creates has specific dosages based on the exact ingredients in that specific supplement. If you want to do your own research on different supplements, we welcome you to do so but we do not provide any other recommendations nor advise on other specific blends or brands. If you purchase other supplements from other manufacturers, please research carefully. Not all ingredients are equal, and there is not a guaranteed quality when you purchase supplements elsewhere, especially on Amazon.

Daniel Kalish is currently not accepting any new in-person consultations requests.

When you make your new client appointment online there will be a place to upload your new client paperwork once you have selected your appointment time. You can book you new client consultation here:
You can also scan or fax your paperwork to the office at We cannot accept any pictures of documentation taken via cell phones.


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