Health Chats with Dan Kalish

Your health is more important now than ever, and at Kalish Wellness, your health is our priority. 

We believe your health starts with knowledge, so we are kicking off a FREE series of health chats with Dan Kalish, IFMCP, exploring symptoms and solutions for the most frequently seen health-related issues at Kalish Wellness. We’ll pack tons of useful information into 30 minutes, so you can join us without disrupting your day!

We’ll discuss nutrient deficits, immune health, genetic issues and share a host of other keys to keeping yourself healthy and well. We’ll review the lab-based programs and lifestyle changes we have shared with our patients at Kalish Wellness for over 28 years, so you too can achieve your optimum health. 


AUGUST 19, 4PM PT  Blood sugar control, sugar cravings, concerns over diabetes and heart disease.

The role of vitamins in metabolism is essential. We will examine how insulin regulation and blood sugar control problems manifest on organic acids tests and how we can use targeted nutritional therapies to intervene. We’ll also look at the genetic component of these issues.

SEPTEMBER 2, 4PM PT Attention, Focus and Memory Problems

ADD/ADHD, Focus, Concentration and Memory Problems: This session examines how stress impacts your brain and what symptoms can arise from the exhaustion of dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. We’ll also discuss the link between a broken brain and toxins that damage your brain cells.

STAY TUNED! More to follow soon.


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