Host: Dr. Brian MowllDiabetes Summit

Dr. Kalish discusses “The Mitochondria and Metabolism”

-How mitochondrial function impacts metabolism, blood sugar and diabetes

-Important functional medicine tests to assess mitochondrial function

-Kalish Method to approach blood sugar problems


Truth About Fat LossHost: Dr. Jonny Bowden

Dr. Kalish addresses “How Toxins Make You Gain Weight (And What To Do About It!)”

  • 3 things that make everybody fat
  • Toxins and weight gain
  • How toxins stimulate cravings

Fit as a FiddleHost: Kathi Collins

Topic: Regain your health, vitality & youthfulness

Dr. Kalish explains how he uses “The Kalish Method” to treat 5 common health problems.

Children & Teen Health Summit 2015Topic: Childhood Illness & Our Toxic Burden

Dr. Kalish explains how toxins in our environment and food supply affect the brains and bodies of our children.


Marcie Peters - Transform Your Heath 2015

Host: Marcie Peters

Topic: Transform Your Hormones and Energy

Dr. Kalish discusses bio-hacking for fat burning, energy, and no more night eating!


Host: Sean Croxton

Topic: Thyroid Home Test

Join Sean and Dr. Kalish as they get down to business and show you how you can test your Thyroid at home!



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