…But You Can't Take the Monastery Out of the Boy.

Spent three good days with the monks at Abhayagiri monastery  (http://www.abhayagiri.org/).  You can take the boy out of the monastery but you can’t take the monastery out of the boy. Here are some before and after photos of me in my early monastic years, age 23 and full of energy and ready to ordain as a monk sitting next to my buddy, then known as Jim. We both came back to the states to give away everything we owned, say goodbye to the family and head back to live as monks. Twenty five years later here we are again, Ajahn Chandako, a senior monk in the Theravada Forest Monk tradition and I enjoying a laugh at a Buddhist monastery in Northern California. Ajahn is now abbot of his own monastery in New Zealand. And me? Well I never did ordain, ended up rambling around Nepal and then coming home.

If you haven’t meditated before, please check it out, it’s a time tested route to healing.

As Lenny Cocco always says, “Inner peace is world peace.”

Blessings to all,

Dr. Dan

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