September 2012

Spent three good days with the monks at Abhayagiri monastery  (  You can take the boy out of the monastery but you can’t take the monastery out of the boy. Here are some before and after photos of me in my early monastic years, age 23 and full of energy and ready to ordain as a monk sitting next to my buddy, then known as Jim. We both came back to the states to give away everything we owned, say goodbye to the family and head back to live as monks. Twenty five years later here we are again, Ajahn Chandako, a senior monk in the Theravada Forest Monk tradition and I enjoying a laugh at a Buddhist monastery in Northern California. Ajahn is now abbot of his own monastery in New Zealand. And me? Well I never did ordain, ended up rambling around Nepal and then coming home.

If you haven’t meditated before, please check it out, it’s a time tested route to healing.

As Lenny Cocco always says, “Inner peace is world peace.”

Blessings to all,

Dr. Dan

Spent last Sunday at Laguna Seca race track watching cars go around these turns at incredibly high rates of speed. It was a lot of fun and a big thanks to Shy, one of the functional medicine students that sent me free tickets and pit passes, much appreciated.

Saturday, I was in Phoenix all day at the Neuroresearch conference presented by Dr. Hinz. It was, as always, valuable to have a full day in class with other doctors focused on brain related issues. Many interesting things came up, for one we learned there are regional differences in brain function we can measure, literally by zip code, from these neuron function tests. In other words since there is a single database maintained by the lab we can see how different practices in different areas display vastly different patterns of brain dysfunction. In LA there may be, on average, massive dosing needs to maintain normal brain cell functions while in Steamboat Springs, Colorado the numbers can be even worse (bet you thought I was going to say better in Steamboat Springs!). Even though Steamboat is a small ski-town in a pristine area of the Rocky mountains, and it looks a lot cleaner and less risky for the things that damage brain cells like neurotoxins and stress than an obviously polluted area like LA, in fact Steamboat, before the luxury homes and ski lifts were built, was a mining town and the area’s groundwater and soil are contaminated with heavy metals that you’d never know were there.

These metals get into your body and then your brain quite easily. In fact, the brain has very poor protective measures against environmental toxins, it’s simply not something the design team was anticipating when the human body was developed.

Anyhow, if you live in LA or in the mountains of Colorado, New York City or Dallas, there is no where to go to hide from the environmental toxins we have dumped through coal burning and manufacturing processes. Interestingly, you can even see patterns that follow rivers that are polluted, for example, the rivers that flow down from the industrialized areas of the mid-west carry a heavy toxic burden into the communities below and you can see the devastating effects on the brains of people along the way.

Protect your brain; you only get one. Imagine you were given one car at birth and told you could only have that one car the rest of your life. You would maintain it really carefully. Ok, this is more serious than not having transportation, so get on it, test your brain, fix it, protect it with an amino acid based program.

Take care,

Dr. Dan

In the six month mentorship program, it is a thrill a minute: looking at lab work and fixing hard to diagnose cases with functional medicine protocols. This work is so simple that it’s glossed over and missed by many practitioners running to the world of complex and sophisticated protocols that are doomed to fail. More choices does not equate to better outcomes.

Simple and effective beats complicated and ineffective every time. Case in point presented by a student in a recent class:

48 year old female patient with IBS and hot flashes.


Lab work revealed two GI tract infections, cryptosporidum and blastocystis hominis, and Stage Three Adrenal exhaustion. She was taking 23 different supplements prescribed by six different natural health practitioners and was taking 7 different hormones: DHEA, pregnenolone, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid and melatonin prescribed by an anti-aging doctor with a penchant for scribbling out too much. More is not better. The better we get at functional medicine the less we do!!!


The student used the simple, effective, focused functional medicine model taught in my training program, originally handed down to me by Dr. William Timmins, ND, the same old protocol I’ve used for almost 20 years. Within 6 weeks her hot flashes cleared and by the end of month three, her GI upset improved to the point she only had problems when she strayed from her Paleo oriented diet plan.






Adrenal Protocol included:

DHEA 1.2 mg drops 4 drops TID
Pregnenolone 1.2 mg drops 15 drops TID
Multi Packs
Licorice Root Extract 10 drops BID

Herbal parasite program included:
Herbal anti-parasitic program with Artmesia, Oregano Oil Extract and a combination anti-parasitic herbal product all taken together TID



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